Thursday, October 28, 2010

Biography of Arie Smit

Hi all, I seems that the entire merger meeting have not ended yet. Meeting seems to be held everyday since Monday and that really occupies my time. So I think this week will also be another dry spell for me blogging, but I have this to keep you guy occupied until I have the time to do more blogging and of coz about painting too. And so here are some paintings by the famous Arie Smit and his biography …..Enjoy!!!

Arie Smit was born in the year 1916, Netherlands. He studied his art at the Academy of Arts in the Rotterdam. He later left for the Dutch Indies period to the Second World War where he worked as a lithographer. In the year 1956 he then moved to Bali, Indonesia and became an Indonesian citizen and it’s when he decided to became a full time artist. He not only did his painting but also taught painting at the Bandung Institute of Technology. A jewel-like vibrant painting was the art work of Arie Smit’s as he painted the landscape and villages scenes of Bali. Smit held many exhibitions in countries like Singapore, Honolulu and Tokyo. Smit’s art painting collection can be found in the Museum Bali in Denpasar and the Penang Museum in Malaysia.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monopic Free Image Hosting Service

It’s a beautiful bright Sunday morning, had breakfast with the family a couple hours ago. Susan had gone to work, the children are all out somewhere and I’m left all alone again in the house on a beautiful Sunday morning. Well this kind of thing is suddenly becoming a usual thing as the kids are bigger now and seems to have their own things to do. I might as well face it and maybe next weekend I’ll plan on what to do. But it’s not all that bad as the weekend is not always about going somewhere or doing something, but its about relaxing and for me after all the office days I'll be glad just to sit on the lazy sofa and put my leg on the coffee table.

I think with everyone doing their own things I might as well finish up uploading some photo image which I’ve been doing when I have some spare time. And guys, if you are looking for a site to upload image you can use Monopic free image hosting service. Monopic is a free photo upload center and once you're a member you’re allowed to upload your personal private image and even create a gallery and share with your friends. Just register and start making your own online photo album.


Ok, now I’ll start uploading mine and while I’m doing that I leave you guys with this painting by Popo Iskandar and his biography….Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

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It’s 3:30pm in the afternoon Indonesian time and I just woke up from an unusual nap. I think its all because of the quiet house and big lunch I had with the kids that made me sleepy. Well that’s one nice afternoon nap, but I can see now that Susan has already came home from work as I can see her uniform hanging behind the door. She must have pitied me and let me sleep a little longer. What a great wife I have and I guess she must be in the bathroom or in the kitchen right now.

While I still have my time alone and before the children come home from play, I have some good information that I want to share with you guys. It’s just before I fell asleep that I found this side that offer a great
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So I leave you now with some paintings from the famous Gustav Klimt……...HAPPY WEEKEND ALL!!!

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The weekend is here guys and I do hope you enjoy your weekend. As for me I think I’m just gonna spend this weekend at home with the family after a busy week of endless paper work and meeting. But I’m rather kind of relief as all that is behind now and yesterday big merger meeting was finally over The big relief was that I had to speak in front of so many important big decision makers from their company that one day might be one of my superior if the merger happens. But all that is yesterday’s news now and today is the weekend and I just want to browse the web and relax. And just recently I found this great site, come check it out.

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Well guys I really hope you register as this is a great program and as great as this few painting from Oscar Monet Claude and his biography……...HAPPY WEEKEND ALL!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Get Paid Blogging

Hi guys, I’ve been trying to sleep but my mind keeps wandering off about tomorrow's big meeting. If you have been following my blog then you should have know by now how important tomorrow’s meeting will be for the company and its future. Although the chances are that the merger is really gonna happens but the thought of me being one of the speakers representing the company really scares me. Yeah I have been
through hundreds of meeting but not one as important as this.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Biography of Popo Iskandar

Hi guys, I’m too tired to talk about anything right now. And I really need to get some sleep as tomorrow will be another big and busy day at the office. But I’ll not leave you guy empty handed, lol…..Coz here’s the biography and some paintings from a very famous painter to the likes of as Affandi, Basuki (Basoeki) Abdullah and Lee Man Fong. He is non other than the famous Popo Iskandar….Enjoy!

Popo Iskandar was born in 1927, West Java. Popo studied painting and graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology from the Department of Fine Arts in 1958. He later became a lecturer at the State Teachers Training College in Bandung. Popo was really a man of intellect and was well respected as an artist, art critic and observers. A lifetime membership was awarded to him by the Jakarta Academy for his dedication and contributions in art especially in Indonesia. Popo participated in many group exhibitions like England, India, China, Japan and many other countries. He also held several solo exhibitions in Holland and Indonesia back in 1953. He died in 2000.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Music Monday : Hotel California by the Eagle

Without me noticing and realizing, it had been five days since my last post in this blog. And that was not all really intentional but it’s due to all of my office work lately. I even had to work yesterday which I don’t usually do, as I rarely work on the weekend. I guess it’s all for the best for the company in the long run and it will also benefit us the employee if the merger really happens.

But at least I get to relax at home today and enjoy it with the twins as Susan is still working and will only be back around eleven o’clock while Rose is attending a wedding and took Anna along.

I was rather lucky actually to be accompanied by the twins as they actually had planned to go cycling today with a couple of their friends but it started to rain and they had to cancel. And so we just watch the TV together until Ray said that he’s bored and need to do something to stretch his muscle and that’s when asked me to wrestle him. Hearing that ( been a long time we played wrestling) and knowing Susan wasn’t around to grumble if the placed gets untidy I straight away grab him and started wrestling him. Seeing Ray over powered and struggling, Roy jumped in and help Ray and suddenly it becomes a two against one match, just like the old sweet times. We had so much fun and the twins have really grown up strong as I was almost unable to keep up with the both of them. After everyone was tired we stopped and just relaxed to catch our breath and that‘s when I felt like going for a swim and asked for their opinion. They both were apparently crazy about the idea and so goes the three of us to the swimming pool.

Overall I had so much fun with the twins and that really takes all the tiredness and stress from the office worked all week.

So for today’s MM I like to play the songs entitle Hotel California by the Eagle, dedicated to twins and “THANK YOU LITTLE DEVILS”

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Busy Week

Hello guys. Latest update is that it has been a very busy new week. Yes the merger between the company I’m working in and the company in the US is really happening. I’ve been attending meeting for the last two days and will still be having them again tomorrow and the day after. If all goes well the signing of the agreement papers will be in early November. But I think its all going smooth as their company has been monitoring my company for a while now and really was impressed with my company's progress in the last six month period. There are still some issues about my company future interest as we are interested in dealing more import and export stuff but their company have their eye on my company doing more domestic services in the country. Well that’s all have to be settle and agree on at the last meeting on the 22nd of this month.

I know I’ve said to write a post about Sam’s drama play but I guess that won’t be happening too soon as I’ve to met two clients later and are now doing all the paper works. Sorry guys but I’ll try to write them soon when I’ve some time. And also sorry to all my blogging friends for not being around as much and not been writing on your new entries blog comments. I will try my best to be there ok. And now let me leave you guys with this few painting from Oscar Monet Claude and his biography.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Glory Of Love - Peter Cetera

“What an actor” and that can’t even express the feeling when I saw Sam’s acting up there playing Romeo. And I’m not just saying this as his father but I think I also represent most of the audience watching the drama. But I’m saving this story and all its glory for tomorrow post as tonight is Music Monday time. So for tonight MM I’m featuring Glory of Love by Peter Cetera……enjoy

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Biography of Adrien Jean Le de Mayeur

Just a quick post guys as my internet line is not much to be desired about right now. And also we had to go and get the twins a new suit for tonite's show and so I’ll leave you guys with these painting by Adrien Jean Le de Mayeur and his biography.

Adrien Jean Le de Mayeur was born in February 1880. He was actually a son of a painter and has nobility linked with Belgium royal family. Le Mayeur had a degree in architect but he was rather keen in becoming a painter. In his quest to paint the best matter he did a lot of traveling to countries like France, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Cambodia, Tahiti and even to French Polynesia but he decide to stay and lived in Bali where he married a local lenong dancer girl name Ni Pollok. He also fell in love with Bali’s culture and beautiful landscape and his work started to focus on Bali’s life. It can be seen in most of his successful solo exhibitions in Singapore and Malaysia, Le Mayeur was on top of his career when the second world broke out. He was placed under arrest in a prison camp due to his Belgian nationality by the Japanese authority. During the war time he was still able to continue his work but used rice sack cloth instead of canvas. In 1958 he had ear-cancer. He traveled to Brussels for treatment but it was incurable and died on May 31, 1958.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Rumors

I’m now at the office ready to start my routine activity. But today seem to be a little different as rumor in the office is that a big company in the US is interested in the company I'm working in. Not as much as buying it, but more or less interested in taking the company under it’s wing. Well you can say making it one of their major partner or branches. But to me especially, this was not the first time hearing it as Mr. Kandinsky had once told me about it and that was about one and a half yeas ago.

I think this kind of thing really take time for them to analyse and make decision. But I guess if the deal really happens then it will be a good thing for the company and the staff, as Mr.Kandinsky told me before that if that happens then this company will be ranked (not google or alexa lol) top fifteen in the import and export business in Indonesia and the company will have all the resources it needs in order to move ahead.

The answer will be known only after Mr. Kandinsky come back from abroad as he is attending a meeting in Hong Kong and I think he is scheduled to return today. Beside whether or not these rumors are true, the fact is today I have lots of paper work to do before meeting two potential clients. Well guys, while I do my work I’ll leaves you with these few paintings by Oscar Monet Claude and his biography….enjoy!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Romeo Oh Romeo

It was around 11 o’clock and Susan had just returned home from work. Susan and I were sitting in the living room talking about stuff like dinner, the children and my work, when Sam suddenly entered the room.

I was surprised as he had been up in his room all night after having dinner and not spent time watching TV with the rest. I was thinking that he might have lots of school homework that had to be done or he was just to tired and decided to sleep so I let him be.

Sam than approached Susan and handed her a piece of white paper. I was quite shocked to see the paper coz it seem to be the kind from a principal's office telling parents about their child bad behavior at school. I thought he was expelled or had done something wrong in school to receive that. I got so excited that I tried to grab the paper from Susan, but Susan had a different idea and kept holding it much more firmly and looked me in the eye so seriously. It was then that I realized that she wanted to open it and so I let go. While Susan was reading I was looking at Sam with a suspicious look but he was rather calmed and that really made me wonder. It’s not that I don’t trust Sam but it’s what the children are like nowadays that made me jumpy. But when I looked at Susan reading the letter she was smiling and some how blushing. It was not until she turned around and started hugging Sam and saying “my Romeo“ that really made me surprised. And then Sam took out his hands from behind his back and handed me an envelope while smiling. That was when I realized he was playing a joke on me. I opened the envelope and it was an invitation to a school drama "Romeo and Juliet". When I opened the invitation there was Sam’s name playing as Romeo. I look at Sam and he was laughing together with Susan at me for being fooled. And then all of us started laughing together.

Boy, my son is playing Romeo and I can’t wait to see it and for you guys here are a few painting by Oscar Monet Claude and his biography….

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heal The World

Things are slowly but surely getting back too normal again. And with that, my family and I would like to express our biggest gratitude and thank you from the bottom of our heart to all the email, comment and shout (cbox ) from friends, relatives, readers and fellow bloggers. Thank you for all the kind, encouraging and motivation words, without which it would makes it hard for us to overcome and move on. Yes, this must have been the biggest blow in our family living life as far as I can remember. And “Yes” again we might have lost both material and some part of our history (wedding rings) but we still have each other and that is the most important thing of all and much to be thankful for. And also you friends, for making all the hardship and pain go away faster.

And with that again my family and I thank you. But I do feel regretful and that I can’t always protect my family from the harm and danger all the time from all that is happening out there. But I do always hope and pray that somehow GOD would heal the world and make it a better place for us all. Now I would like to leave you guys with these paintings by Oscar Monet Claude and his biography. And here’s also a youtube video by Michael Jackson- Heal the World

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Recovery

Today I’ve decided to take a two days office leav from work. Actually I still have five days of office leaves left and had intended to use them all at once on New Year Day but like people say “s**t happens” right ?. Well all I can say that this one is too deep…lol!. because getting your home burglarized is like being knifed in the back. They went through all our belonging and private stuff, took our things and even our feeling of security. I hope we will never ever go through this horrible experience again in the future.

I’ve called up Mr. Kandinsky on Sunday and told him about everything that happened and he agreed to grant me the two days. And he also surprised Susan and me by coming to our house later that night to visit and give us moral support. The children are all still at Rose’s place and will be there for some time as the house is still in such a mess. After the incident I‘ve lots of thing to do. I took Susan to the clinic as she was coming down with a fever. She also received a two days medical sick leave from the doctor. I still have to write down a list of stolen things, bringing it to the police station, filling a robbery report and later find someone to fix the door as it was damaged by the burglar.

I also intended to get some new alarm system that’s up to date as the burglars nowadays are getting smarter. While I’m doing all that I’ll leave you with these paintings by Willem Gerard Hofker and his biography.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Music Monday: When the children cry - (White lion)

While Lyla (Mr. Goya’s wife) tries to calm Susan down, Mr. Goya and Rijn started to rearrange the furniture and clean up the mess made by the burglar. As for me, I took Susan (a bit calm now) and Lyla to the bedroom to see the situation there. When we reached the bedroom, it was in a complete mess. Clothing were everywhere on the floor, the closet door was wide open, drawers was not at its place and my underwear drawer was even turned upside down (they even went through my underwear!!!!). While Lyla started picking up the clothes on the floor, Susan and I went to the dressing table and saw that the drawer was empty, all jewelery and money was gone. Susan started to cry again and just then Rijn, entered the room and told me that the police have arrived. While again Lyla comforted Susan I went downstairs to meet the policemen.

Two policemen came but only one asked question while the other looked around. The police officer asked me questions about the time we left the house, when we returned, who knew that we were going out and all sort of question that might help with the investigations. I tried to answer him the best I can coz I really wanted them to catch the burglar. Just at that same moment Ray and Roy came down running from their bedroom, crying and telling me that their PS (play station) was missing. I was so angry hearing it (how could anybody have the heart to take a PS away from a child) but I tried to calm myself as it won’t help either if I were to get angry. I think the police officer saw me holding my breath and helped a bit with the twin’s situation by telling them that they will arrest the culprit and the PS will then be returned and that help calmed the twins down. As I don’t need any more surprises and crying about missing things I made up my mind and sent the children to Rose’s house.

Too be continued…………………………………………………..

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Test For Our Family

“OMG”…. That was the fist thing that came to mind when I heard Roy shouted “wake up Ray, great, we’ve been  mugged!!!” ….coz I was still figuring out what was Susan saying (yesterday’s post) when she was getting off the car. So I abandoned the thought of carrying Ray (been sleeping half the journey) to the house and told Roy to accompany and wake up his twin brother.

I ran to the house and true enough, the house was in a mess and Susan, Anna and Rose were all crying. I hugged all of them and took them outside the house as I was afraid the burglars might still be in the house, panic and start being violent.

When we were already outside I took out my cell phone to call the police but then Susan told me that Sam is still in the house and had went up to check his room.
Immediately I ran back into the house to Sam’s room and was relieved to see that he was fine. I told Sam to go to his mum and ask her to call the police and then asked him to go to our neighbor next door to tell them what have happened, while I looked around..

Sam did exactly what I told him and a few minutes later our neighbor Mr Goya and his son Rijn came to the house. We checked all through the house and later allowed the family to enter after it was truly safe coz my family come first before anything.

Too be continue……………………………………………………………………………..
They even went through my underwear!!!!

Paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A frustrating day

I’m writing this post on my bed with Susan sleeping (just stopped crying) beside me. The kids are all at Rose’s placed and will be spending the night there until I pick them up tomorrow.

It all started when we decided to celebrate Susan getting back to work again and to welcome Rose as a new member of the family. As this was a Saturday and I don’t work on weekend and Susan has returned home from work (first shift 7am-3pm) that we decided to go out for dinner. After a much disputed vote, we then decided to have our dinner at a newly opened seafood restaurant at a nearby mall. Because its still the restaurant opening week, the place was packed with diners but we did manage to get a table at a nice spot.

The restaurant was also giving out offer discounts and bonuses and even a free T-shirt if a customer spent a certain amount. Well as the twins are crazy about free T-shirt (with the logo) we had to meet the offer’s demand to get the free shirts and at last had more food then we can eat. Overall it’s been a nice dinner with the family and at 9pm we head on home. The journey home was quite pleasant and the traffic was quite friendly for a Sunday night. It wasn’t until we reached home that everything went sour coz as Susan was getting off the car I think I heard her saying “odd, I thought I left the lights on”

be continued………………………………………….

Roy shouted “wake up Ray, great, we’ve been mugged!!!”……………….. .

Painting by Wu Guanzhong and his biography.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wassily Kandinsky best work

I’ve just returned home from work and after picking up Anna and the twins after school. They are now taking their bath as we’ll be having our dinner later on. Susan is still at work and will be back home around eleven.

While waiting to wait for my turn to shower I decided to write today’s post. I had an average day at work today but I did get some time to enjoy with the guys coz today was one of my colleague's birthday. Because this is his 40th birthday, he decided to throw a lunch birthday party. All of the staff was invited and it was held at a restaurant near the office. As even Mr. Kandinsky (boss) was invited and decided to come, he allowed the lunch hour be extended till 3pm. As nobody knew that he was going to have a party, none had got him anything. But later on we all pitched in to get him a lighter for smoking as he like to smoke cigarette. We had fun eating, singing a few songs and had lots of laughter. When it was 3pm we all got back to the office to finish off work again.

Well the kids have finally finished taking their bath and it’s my turn now and I’ll leave you guys with this painting by Wassily Kandinsky and his biography…enjoy!!!

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