Thursday, October 28, 2010

Biography of Arie Smit

Hi all, I seems that the entire merger meeting have not ended yet. Meeting seems to be held everyday since Monday and that really occupies my time. So I think this week will also be another dry spell for me blogging, but I have this to keep you guy occupied until I have the time to do more blogging and of coz about painting too. And so here are some paintings by the famous Arie Smit and his biography …..Enjoy!!!

Arie Smit was born in the year 1916, Netherlands. He studied his art at the Academy of Arts in the Rotterdam. He later left for the Dutch Indies period to the Second World War where he worked as a lithographer. In the year 1956 he then moved to Bali, Indonesia and became an Indonesian citizen and it’s when he decided to became a full time artist. He not only did his painting but also taught painting at the Bandung Institute of Technology. A jewel-like vibrant painting was the art work of Arie Smit’s as he painted the landscape and villages scenes of Bali. Smit held many exhibitions in countries like Singapore, Honolulu and Tokyo. Smit’s art painting collection can be found in the Museum Bali in Denpasar and the Penang Museum in Malaysia.

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