Friday, October 1, 2010

Wassily Kandinsky best work

I’ve just returned home from work and after picking up Anna and the twins after school. They are now taking their bath as we’ll be having our dinner later on. Susan is still at work and will be back home around eleven.

While waiting to wait for my turn to shower I decided to write today’s post. I had an average day at work today but I did get some time to enjoy with the guys coz today was one of my colleague's birthday. Because this is his 40th birthday, he decided to throw a lunch birthday party. All of the staff was invited and it was held at a restaurant near the office. As even Mr. Kandinsky (boss) was invited and decided to come, he allowed the lunch hour be extended till 3pm. As nobody knew that he was going to have a party, none had got him anything. But later on we all pitched in to get him a lighter for smoking as he like to smoke cigarette. We had fun eating, singing a few songs and had lots of laughter. When it was 3pm we all got back to the office to finish off work again.

Well the kids have finally finished taking their bath and it’s my turn now and I’ll leave you guys with this painting by Wassily Kandinsky and his biography…enjoy!!!


  1. Wow! I love birthdays!!! It's so nice of your boss to extend your lunch break!

  2. You are a very busy father


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