Saturday, October 2, 2010

A frustrating day

I’m writing this post on my bed with Susan sleeping (just stopped crying) beside me. The kids are all at Rose’s placed and will be spending the night there until I pick them up tomorrow.

It all started when we decided to celebrate Susan getting back to work again and to welcome Rose as a new member of the family. As this was a Saturday and I don’t work on weekend and Susan has returned home from work (first shift 7am-3pm) that we decided to go out for dinner. After a much disputed vote, we then decided to have our dinner at a newly opened seafood restaurant at a nearby mall. Because its still the restaurant opening week, the place was packed with diners but we did manage to get a table at a nice spot.

The restaurant was also giving out offer discounts and bonuses and even a free T-shirt if a customer spent a certain amount. Well as the twins are crazy about free T-shirt (with the logo) we had to meet the offer’s demand to get the free shirts and at last had more food then we can eat. Overall it’s been a nice dinner with the family and at 9pm we head on home. The journey home was quite pleasant and the traffic was quite friendly for a Sunday night. It wasn’t until we reached home that everything went sour coz as Susan was getting off the car I think I heard her saying “odd, I thought I left the lights on”

be continued………………………………………….

Roy shouted “wake up Ray, great, we’ve been mugged!!!”……………….. .

Painting by Wu Guanzhong and his biography.

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  1. Gosh!T_T crying for you because I can totally relate.. I remember when we just got robbed recently in our house just last September 12, 2010 that I wasn't able to blog about it at all because of depression^^, I mean they woke up my dad and my guy cousin at midnight with a gun and a knife(just to clarify that nobody died because those weapons were just for threat) and forced them 2 to surrender our valuables to them... Oh the horror both my dad and cousin must have felt and I was so scared though I only found out at morning... How lucky of me they forgot my room, I was asleep rather than also experiencing the trauma tho twas still very tragic. But they also got my phone because they commanded my dad to get all phones in the house^^, Thank God they didn't include our lives:] Wonderful photography<3


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