Thursday, October 7, 2010

Romeo Oh Romeo

It was around 11 o’clock and Susan had just returned home from work. Susan and I were sitting in the living room talking about stuff like dinner, the children and my work, when Sam suddenly entered the room.

I was surprised as he had been up in his room all night after having dinner and not spent time watching TV with the rest. I was thinking that he might have lots of school homework that had to be done or he was just to tired and decided to sleep so I let him be.

Sam than approached Susan and handed her a piece of white paper. I was quite shocked to see the paper coz it seem to be the kind from a principal's office telling parents about their child bad behavior at school. I thought he was expelled or had done something wrong in school to receive that. I got so excited that I tried to grab the paper from Susan, but Susan had a different idea and kept holding it much more firmly and looked me in the eye so seriously. It was then that I realized that she wanted to open it and so I let go. While Susan was reading I was looking at Sam with a suspicious look but he was rather calmed and that really made me wonder. It’s not that I don’t trust Sam but it’s what the children are like nowadays that made me jumpy. But when I looked at Susan reading the letter she was smiling and some how blushing. It was not until she turned around and started hugging Sam and saying “my Romeo“ that really made me surprised. And then Sam took out his hands from behind his back and handed me an envelope while smiling. That was when I realized he was playing a joke on me. I opened the envelope and it was an invitation to a school drama "Romeo and Juliet". When I opened the invitation there was Sam’s name playing as Romeo. I look at Sam and he was laughing together with Susan at me for being fooled. And then all of us started laughing together.

Boy, my son is playing Romeo and I can’t wait to see it and for you guys here are a few painting by Oscar Monet Claude and his biography….

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