Friday, October 8, 2010

The Rumors

I’m now at the office ready to start my routine activity. But today seem to be a little different as rumor in the office is that a big company in the US is interested in the company I'm working in. Not as much as buying it, but more or less interested in taking the company under it’s wing. Well you can say making it one of their major partner or branches. But to me especially, this was not the first time hearing it as Mr. Kandinsky had once told me about it and that was about one and a half yeas ago.

I think this kind of thing really take time for them to analyse and make decision. But I guess if the deal really happens then it will be a good thing for the company and the staff, as Mr.Kandinsky told me before that if that happens then this company will be ranked (not google or alexa lol) top fifteen in the import and export business in Indonesia and the company will have all the resources it needs in order to move ahead.

The answer will be known only after Mr. Kandinsky come back from abroad as he is attending a meeting in Hong Kong and I think he is scheduled to return today. Beside whether or not these rumors are true, the fact is today I have lots of paper work to do before meeting two potential clients. Well guys, while I do my work I’ll leaves you with these few paintings by Oscar Monet Claude and his biography….enjoy!!!!

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