Thursday, October 21, 2010

Biography of Popo Iskandar

Hi guys, I’m too tired to talk about anything right now. And I really need to get some sleep as tomorrow will be another big and busy day at the office. But I’ll not leave you guy empty handed, lol…..Coz here’s the biography and some paintings from a very famous painter to the likes of as Affandi, Basuki (Basoeki) Abdullah and Lee Man Fong. He is non other than the famous Popo Iskandar….Enjoy!

Popo Iskandar was born in 1927, West Java. Popo studied painting and graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology from the Department of Fine Arts in 1958. He later became a lecturer at the State Teachers Training College in Bandung. Popo was really a man of intellect and was well respected as an artist, art critic and observers. A lifetime membership was awarded to him by the Jakarta Academy for his dedication and contributions in art especially in Indonesia. Popo participated in many group exhibitions like England, India, China, Japan and many other countries. He also held several solo exhibitions in Holland and Indonesia back in 1953. He died in 2000.

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