Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Recovery

Today I’ve decided to take a two days office leav from work. Actually I still have five days of office leaves left and had intended to use them all at once on New Year Day but like people say “s**t happens” right ?. Well all I can say that this one is too deep…lol!. because getting your home burglarized is like being knifed in the back. They went through all our belonging and private stuff, took our things and even our feeling of security. I hope we will never ever go through this horrible experience again in the future.

I’ve called up Mr. Kandinsky on Sunday and told him about everything that happened and he agreed to grant me the two days. And he also surprised Susan and me by coming to our house later that night to visit and give us moral support. The children are all still at Rose’s place and will be there for some time as the house is still in such a mess. After the incident I‘ve lots of thing to do. I took Susan to the clinic as she was coming down with a fever. She also received a two days medical sick leave from the doctor. I still have to write down a list of stolen things, bringing it to the police station, filling a robbery report and later find someone to fix the door as it was damaged by the burglar.

I also intended to get some new alarm system that’s up to date as the burglars nowadays are getting smarter. While I’m doing all that I’ll leave you with these paintings by Willem Gerard Hofker and his biography.


  1. So sorry to know this. It must be a shocking experience. Hope you and your family can recover soon...

  2. thanks, this have been a terrible nightmare for our family. And thanks for stopping by :)

  3. sorry to hear about happened, i hope you and your family are doing better now.


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