Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Busy Week

Hello guys. Latest update is that it has been a very busy new week. Yes the merger between the company I’m working in and the company in the US is really happening. I’ve been attending meeting for the last two days and will still be having them again tomorrow and the day after. If all goes well the signing of the agreement papers will be in early November. But I think its all going smooth as their company has been monitoring my company for a while now and really was impressed with my company's progress in the last six month period. There are still some issues about my company future interest as we are interested in dealing more import and export stuff but their company have their eye on my company doing more domestic services in the country. Well that’s all have to be settle and agree on at the last meeting on the 22nd of this month.

I know I’ve said to write a post about Sam’s drama play but I guess that won’t be happening too soon as I’ve to met two clients later and are now doing all the paper works. Sorry guys but I’ll try to write them soon when I’ve some time. And also sorry to all my blogging friends for not being around as much and not been writing on your new entries blog comments. I will try my best to be there ok. And now let me leave you guys with this few painting from Oscar Monet Claude and his biography.


  1. Nice to know this. Hope the merger gives your company more success ahead :)
    No problem at all; blogging can wait...

  2. Salams Pak Wira. Whoa.. you look good Bro. Ahli korporat gitu. Hehe, u have a good 1 now.


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