Sunday, October 10, 2010

Biography of Adrien Jean Le de Mayeur

Just a quick post guys as my internet line is not much to be desired about right now. And also we had to go and get the twins a new suit for tonite's show and so I’ll leave you guys with these painting by Adrien Jean Le de Mayeur and his biography.

Adrien Jean Le de Mayeur was born in February 1880. He was actually a son of a painter and has nobility linked with Belgium royal family. Le Mayeur had a degree in architect but he was rather keen in becoming a painter. In his quest to paint the best matter he did a lot of traveling to countries like France, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Cambodia, Tahiti and even to French Polynesia but he decide to stay and lived in Bali where he married a local lenong dancer girl name Ni Pollok. He also fell in love with Bali’s culture and beautiful landscape and his work started to focus on Bali’s life. It can be seen in most of his successful solo exhibitions in Singapore and Malaysia, Le Mayeur was on top of his career when the second world broke out. He was placed under arrest in a prison camp due to his Belgian nationality by the Japanese authority. During the war time he was still able to continue his work but used rice sack cloth instead of canvas. In 1958 he had ear-cancer. He traveled to Brussels for treatment but it was incurable and died on May 31, 1958.

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