Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heal The World

Things are slowly but surely getting back too normal again. And with that, my family and I would like to express our biggest gratitude and thank you from the bottom of our heart to all the email, comment and shout (cbox ) from friends, relatives, readers and fellow bloggers. Thank you for all the kind, encouraging and motivation words, without which it would makes it hard for us to overcome and move on. Yes, this must have been the biggest blow in our family living life as far as I can remember. And “Yes” again we might have lost both material and some part of our history (wedding rings) but we still have each other and that is the most important thing of all and much to be thankful for. And also you friends, for making all the hardship and pain go away faster.

And with that again my family and I thank you. But I do feel regretful and that I can’t always protect my family from the harm and danger all the time from all that is happening out there. But I do always hope and pray that somehow GOD would heal the world and make it a better place for us all. Now I would like to leave you guys with these paintings by Oscar Monet Claude and his biography. And here’s also a youtube video by Michael Jackson- Heal the World

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  1. wow..nice paintings you have..and i love th music you choose..keep it up..i really an inspiring..



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