Thursday, September 30, 2010


Sometimes wanting to fulfill an ambition you have to sacrifice not being around the ones you love most. That was what I thought Susan was feeling when she started working again. It was yesterday that Susan came home around half past eleven, after her first day working. When she reached home all the children were already asleep.

I could tell that she missed the children so much as they did and she asked me about them once she entered the house. I told her the kids were fine and that Rose was great with the kids, but she insisted on checking on all the kids. So I let her be and just waited until she finished and must have been up there for at least an hour. When she came down she was a little bit calmer than before and she asked me so many questions about what happened while she was away.

Well I told her many things but what happened before dinner was what made her sad (read yesterday post). I was really surprise coz I thought she would be amused and laughed but it rather made her sad. I asked her why and she said that she felt she should have been here with us and laughing together. Well I told her that was a silly thing to say as she was the excitement and it would not have happened if she was here. Then Susan started to smile again and said “Yeah”.

I thought now I better be a bit thoughtful when I said anything to Susan about what happens when she’s at work. Maybe next time I won’t be that lucky and get off so easy….heheh.

So now I’m leaving you guys with these paintings by Edvard Munch and his biography  while I figure out what to say next time…..enjoy!!!

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