Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The screamed

I’ve just finished having dinner with my children and they are now all busy doing their school homework. As you all might have known, Susan have started working (read previous post) again and that left me and the children until she returned around 11 pm.

Rose is already in her room resting (watching TV) after cleaning up the dinner table. Everything seem to go well today, as I’ve picked up Anna and the twins after school, but something happened before dinner that made everybody excited. It all started while we were waiting for Rose to prepare dinner and the kids and I were watching the TV. Suddenly Anna shouted “mother” when she saw Susan doing a live broadcast on a news flash. Sam was clapping his hands and was yelling something (which I was not sure of) and the twins were jumping up and down the sofa excited seeing their mother on TV. Well at that time it sounded like there was a riot going on in the house and all hell had broken lose with sounds of screaming, clapping hands and the twin’s whistling and cheering their mom. I told the children to be quiet but still they are all so excited seeing their mum. As for myself I am so proud of my Susan for appearing in the TV and I think I’ll be getting phone calls from relatives asking about it. But for now its time to check up on the kids and I’ll leaves you guys with these painting from Basuki (Basoeki) Abdullah and his biography…enjoy!

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