Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Biography of Basuki (Basoeki) Abdullah

Wow, how i would love to have this two master piece hanging in my living room.  Thinking of it alone can make me drool. Who won't right ? cause this is from the famous Basuki (Basoeki) Abdullah. His painting can be found in many museum and galleries and some are not for sale.
Basoeki Abdullah was born in Surakarta, Indonesia in the year 1915. Painting have always been part of his childhood days as his father  Abdullah Soerjo Soebroto is also a painter.Basoeki Abdullah studied art for two years at the Academia Voor Beeldende Kunsten in the Netherland. He traveled to many countries (mostly Europe) and cities after his graduation, but between 1962-1976 he lived in Thailand.There he became the painter for the royal family. Later he returned to Indonesia and participated in numerous solo and group exhibition  and is consider one of Indonesian finest master. How i would love getting my portrait done by him , but then again can i afford him ?


  1. fuyoo.. another awesome find.. i love it!! and eh I also want to get a potrait done. by anyone lah.. lol!


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