Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Awesome breakfast

Today’s breakfast was awesome. I think that was what Susan (my wife) and Rose (new housekeeper) had in mind when they prepared the breakfast. It has been a long time since we had so many food for breakfast. There was so much food on the table that even the twins (known to have the biggest appetite) were surprise when they saw it. We had chicken porridge, sausages, scrambled eggs and even French fries on the table. I knew in my mind that this was Susan’s ways of saying thank you to the family for supporting her and allowing her to work again. So as to show appreciation for Susan and Rose's effort, I told my children to eat up and I think the twins are the one that really appreciated this breakfast.

As Susan will be doing the second shift she won’t be back till eleven tonight and I think she and Rose will be cooking something very special for lunch and dinner . Well that’s for us all to find out later. I’ve reached the office now and about to start working so I’ll leave you guys with these painting from Affandi and his biography......enjoy!

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  1. wow..nice painting you have...love it....really great....thanks for sharing it to me....




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