Thursday, September 16, 2010

Annual sports day

Today is my elder son school's annual sports day. It is organized to encourage student to participate in sports. Many sports are going to be played today and the most waited for is the soccer and basketball match. Parents are invited to attended and to give support to their children and the school team (donation are
always welcome).

As my son is in his senior and last year in the school he will be playing in the school team against the other invited school team. My son can be considered as a jock coz he is in both the soccer and basketball school team and he will be playing in both the matches. Boy, he is gonna be so tired.

My wife and my other three kids will be there early coz there is also a carnival in the morning. The games itself will kick off at 4pm for the soccer match and 6pm for the basketball match. I think I can get there before 4pm coz all my work at the office is done and I have asked my boss's permission to get off a bit early today (which he already approved).

Let’s hope my son team wins today and what ever happens I'll be there to support him.

So now I’m leaving you guys with these painting by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes

”Wish us luck guys!….enjoy!

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