Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More of Pablo Picasso

Today as I was in the living room watching TV and enjoying a nice cup of coffee suddenly I heard my third child screaming. The screaming came from the kitchen so I rushed there to find out what happened. Apparently my wife who was in the bedroom across the living room also heard the scream and ran to the kitchen as fast as she could thinking something bad had happened. As we were both in such in a hurry to get there, we apparently didn't see each other coming. Without noticing and unable to stop we bumped hard into each other. My wife seems to be the most injured coz she fell and her leg knocks on a table next to her. I was ok and quickly helped her up.

Luckily she was not hurt except for a bruise in the leg. The funny thing was that as I was helping my wife up, me third child came and asked what happened. The both of us were really surprised and asked her the reason why she screamed in the kitchen previously. With an innocent face, she told us that she saw a cockroach and was frightened. My wife looked at me and we all started laughing while hugging each other.

After the incident I continue watching TV while finishing the cup of coffee and I told myself no one was hurt and I think we need a bigger house as the kids are getting bigger and always running around and bumping into one another. Well whether we need a bigger house or not that will be other issue but for now here's some painting from Pablo Picasso and his biography (read my previous post)……enjoy!


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