Friday, September 17, 2010

Landscape by Vincent van Gogh

Tonight at 7 pm my family is going out for dinner. It's to celebrate my elders (Sam) son double victory yesterday. As you might have known (read yesterday post) I went off a bit early from work to watch Sam play and it was all worth while. He was brilliant in handling the ball and even score a goal!

Actually the second goal was from his assistance too as it was all his dribbling and passing the ball to another team player that lead to the second goal and he might even had scored more goals if the coach had not replace him with another player during half time.

The coach had to replace him because the team was already winning and the other coach (basketball) asked him to rest Sam for he is also needed to play in the basketball game later on. The soccer team won 2-0 yesterday. In the basketball game Sam played well too but I can see that he was a little exhausted. Well they also manage to win the game also and I'm very proud of Sam coz he managed to get both the
coach's attention and trust to let him play in both matches. “Well done Sam!”.

Now here is some paintings I've chosen for today's post. It's from Vincent van Gogh . You can read about his biography in my previous post….thanks and enjoy.

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