Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Woman by Gustav Klimt

Today’s whether is not really friendly. It rained from I sat foot outside my home to work and it is still raining as I’m writing this entry . It’s not just the rain it’s also followed by strong wind blowing all day long and on my way back home I saw a tree fell. Luckily no one was hurt and did not cause a major traffic jam but it sure slowed down the traffic as drivers slowed down their cars to see what happened. Now I’m home and after taking a nice warm bath and eating dinner with the family, all the tiredness seemed to slowly disappear. And yes. I’m writing this entry with my laptop in the living room, with my wife beside me and the children all lying lazily watching the TV. But I think Anna and the twins are already sleepy and I think I would put them to bed. While I tuck my children to bed I’ll leave you guys with these painting by Gustav Klimt. Enjoy!

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