Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The wrestling match

Today Ray and Roy (twins) decided to have a wrestling match. It all started because of a silly report card which Roy got an A+ while Ray had a B-. Roy decided to show me the report as I’ve promise that whoever received an A+ 3 times in a row will get extra allowances for the next 7 days but whoever gets an B- three times in a row, will have his allowance cut (actually this was the agreement made by the twins themselves to me). As this is Roy 3rd times getting an A+ he will surely receiver extra pocket money but also as this is Ray 3rd times getting B- he will have to get his allowance cut. So this is when the wrestling match begins…. Luckily no one was hurt and my wife found out before it gets too ugly. Now the new deal is who ever gets three A+ in a row will receive extra pocket money but the one that gets B- don’t receive anything. That’s what I get trying to motivate my children and boys, will be boys.

I think I need some painting to cool me down and I like to share these few painting with you guy. It’s from Georgia O’Keeffe ….enjoy!

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