Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gustav Klimt Inspiration

Last night I had a dream and in that dream I caught a bird. I told my wife about it and she told me that it was a good dream and good things will happen today. I really didn't take what she said seriously coz I think that she was just humoring me. Well, now I think she’s telling the truth coz I really had a good day. First of all, the journey to the office was smooth and at work there not much work to be done. But the best thing that happened was that my boss invited me (that seldom happen) to lunch.

Oh how I wish I have that dream again tonight so that I can buy a lottery ticket and win. If I won the lottery I would surely buy myself some nice painting to share with you guys (my own) but for now here are some of Gustav Klimt painting and biography.

Gustav Klimt was born in the year 1862, in Austria and died on 1918. Klimt studied art in the University of Plastic Arts in Vienna. He often traveled to the outskirts of Vienna, finding inspiration in nature particularly in landscape. But his artworks always seems to have that highly stylish feeling and superficial….enjoy !


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