Friday, September 24, 2010

Chinese Art by Lin Feng Mian

Today I had half day leave at work coz my I had to accompany my wife to the TV network as I've mentioned in yesterday's post. We decided to met there around 2pm as it would be such a long journey for me if I had to go home and picked her up first as the TV network office is near my office. When I arrived, she was already there and we both went straight up to her ex-Boss’s office.

I was quite surprise as many of my wife's former colleague still remembered her and greeted us hello. As we had an appointment we were allowed into the boss’s office once we arrived. We had a long discussion and finally came to an agreement about what her duties would be, working hours, contract terms and the best part of all is the salary. After the contract was signed we went home to tell the kids. At home and after telling the kids about their mummy going back to work, we got many responses and question from them and we try to answer them wisely and we are now still answering question from them. As my wife and me had a lot of explaining and organizing to do with the children, I’ll will leave you guys with this painting from a Chinese artist named Lin Feng Mian. Check out the biography of Lin Feng Mian in my earlier post as well.

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