Thursday, September 2, 2010

Biography of Affandi

Well, what can i say. Some painters, paints what they see and feels. But some paint using their mind and heart. Affandi is the man behind this famous art work.

This famous maestro was born in Cirbon, Jawa Barat in 1907. His work is always hunt  down by collectors all around the world . It's so famous that it is sad to hear fake painting seems to be popping up here and there . Affandi taught painting and sculpture at the Indonesia Academy of Fine Arts in Yogyakarta. He held many solo and group exhibitions  (mostly in Europe) with a title of Grand Maestro in Florence, Italy. A side from that Affandi have been well known for his brilliance in mixing colors and filling up canvas with it. Some says that " you are not a real collector if you don't have Affand's work".He also founded the "Community Artist" and the "People's Artist' organization in 1946 and 1947.. ...well i 'll be happy to own any painting, from any famous painter.....more to come stay tune.


  1. wah nice.. water color is it? i love the vibrant colours!

  2. it's oil painting on canvas :)


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