Friday, February 25, 2011

Biography Of Liang Yifen ( b. 1937 )

Hello to all readers and fellow bloggers that have been following this blog. I do really hope you are satisfied with the content of this simple blog and would return to read more about new update and even read about my everyday life stories.

In today’s edition I would like to feature a Taiwanese artist as I believe that I have not featured one yet. And to be fair to all the Taiwanese readers out there here’s one dedicated just for you guys.

So here it is the biography of Liang Yifen and a few of his famous paintings. Enjoy all…..

Liang Yifen was born in 1937, in Feng- yuan of Chang- hua Country in Taiwan. He graduated from Taipei Teaching College majoring in fine arts. Liang studied modern art under Li Chung Sheng, a celebrated artist in Taiwan, from 1958 to 1963. Liang held his first solo exhibition at the Taipei American Cultural Centre gallery in 1973 and since then, he held solo exhibitions annually, setting up a work studio in New York and holding exhibitions throughout the United States. Liang returned to Taiwan in 1999, and held a solo exhibition of large-scale paintings at Taichung Harbour Area Art Centre in 2003.

Liang’s works are collected by a large number of private collectors and have been shown in over 150 exhibitions worldwide.


Face Painting

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