Friday, December 3, 2010

“The Virgin”, “Giudtta”, “Hygieia” and many more

Hi all, continuing with yesterday’s post and I just found this great video from Youtube. It’s the paintings from the famous Gustav Klimt being put together and made into some kind of video. I really fancies it as many of the paintings are famous one and some was even featured by me before. There are likes the famous one entitled, “The Kiss”, “Water Serpents”, “The Virgin”, ”Giudtta”, “Hygieia”, and also many many more.

Added with an original song by Carola Rost makes it an even more enjoyable video to watch. Please do watch it and tell me if you like it as I really enjoy watching it.

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  1. Hey there,

    These are beautiful. I was first introduced to Klimt through an anime series that I watched years ago. The into to Elfen Lied (lots of gore and violence, not kid friendly) has depictions of the characters in paintings a la Der Kuss, The Fulfilment, Adam & Eva, Three Stages of a Woman, and more. It's a beautiful into. A must watch if you're a Klimt fan. Later!


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