Thursday, December 16, 2010

Keep smiling

Hi all, I’ve just came home from work and after fetching the twins home after school. It’s the usual day at work with lots of paperwork, meeting client and office meeting. But at least the weather is a lot friendlier then yesterday.

“Oh yes” talking about the weather, to all my readers and fellow blogger from Europe I would like to send you all lots of warm hugs and warm wishes especially where snow is falling and the cold is unbearable. Chin up guys and keep smiling coz it’s all part of the holiday season.

As for today’s post I like to feature another Youtube video from a very famous painter and mural maker. He is non other then the famous Diego Rivera. I’ve not yet feature him before here and so his biography is not yet available to read here. But I’ll try to write down his biography when I‘ve more time and until then, enjoy!

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