Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh My !

Hi all, if you all might have wondered why the last few post have not been the same as my usual post well it’s all because of the stress I’ve feeling lately. All the company’s merger meetings have finally got to me and it really burned me out. Well one thing is for sure the merger will really happen and the signing of the contract papers will be done on the 26th of this month. Actually I should be thankful and happy that all the work had not been a complete waste and the merger will benefit the company and most of the employees but I just still can’t help feeling down. Ok, to be frank I did feel a little bit relief but there’s still one thing that still worry me.

It’s Susan. As you all might have known that a Tsunami and a volcano tragedy have recently happened here and have been the latest news in the entire TV network and as Susan is a live TV spoke-woman then she have to be there. Susan has been away for almost two weeks now and with the current eruption of the volcano it’s still a question mark when she’ll be back. And so I’ve to dealt with all my office work, meetings, being a single parents (for now) and also worry about Susan well being.

Although I call her up almost every hour and see her on TV, still I can’t stop worrying about her. And just five days ago Anna had a high fever and I had to stay up all night taking care of her while I’ve to go to work in the morning. All this is really hard on me but I dare not tell Susan about this and make her worry, I’m afraid she might lose her concentration and something bad might happen. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do and this career of Susan and the company merger added the recent tragedy going all at once really gets me upset. I just hope and pray that this situation will quickly end and all things get back to normal again.

Ok enough of the sad story, I have to go and checkup on the kids now before I go to bed and I’ll leave you guys with this few paintings by the famous Philippine’s painter Fernando Amorsolo and his biography…..enjoy!


  1. those ladies are really pretty^^, I really feel for I mean like yesterday I was all stressed out but today i only have 1 problem for tomorrow^^, God bless and protect Susan especially Indonesia:) It will all be alright!

  2. Is Susan a TV reporter?

    Aww, you're so busy...take care...

  3. Nice pictures!
    Hello! Visiting beautiful joyful day to you friend! :) ok cbox...sorry

  4. Amorsolo's painting is beautiful, the setting reminds me of a quiet and simple life.

    I will come back to read his biography and learn more about different artists.

    thanks for sharing.

  5. always nice to be here and seeing the paintings.....


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