Sunday, November 7, 2010

Biography of Fernando Amorsolo

Fernando Amorsolo was born in 1892 in Paco, Philippines. He was considered one of the many important painters in the Philippine art history in the 20th century. One of his famous paintings was Leyendo el periodic which won second place in the Bazar Escolta, a contest organized by the Asociacion Internacional de Artistas. The next year he enrolled in the Art School of the Liceo de Manilla where he graduated with honors. The University of the Philippines’ School of Fine Arts was where he later entered and where he was influenced by famous artists like Renoir, Monet and Diego Velazquez. In the year 1920s to 1930s Amorsolo set up his own painting studio and earned his honors from his paintings and drawings. He actively devoted his time for painting and one of his paintings, Rice Planting images were used in brochures and posters during the Commonwealth era. The struggle of Philippines and the people was often portrayed by Amorsolo and he used woman as themes mourning on her dead husband during the World War II.


  1. I'm from the Philippines and I'm proud of Amorsolo's works. Especially the ones that are in University of the Philippines.

  2. Yeah I too love his work, that's why I feature him here.
    Thanks for visiting Annpod :)

  3. are you a filipino? well, I am tho I grew up in another country and my traditions are kinda mixed but I'm still so proud of Fernando Amorsolo. Tho I've heard about him in books but this is actually my first time witnessing 2 of his masterpiece. Wonderful photography<3 cool how this was posted on my birthday;]

  4. Came back to look at the paintings again because it kinda makes me feel happy and peaceful despite the stressful week I'm having^^, I'd like to escape from all this schoolwork stress sooner/later^^/

  5. hi, those paintings are really stunning. I'm so proud to see them here.

    have a lovely day.


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