Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Monday : Ronan Keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes

Hi all, it’s Monday again and it’s MM (Music Monday) time. Usually I would feel terrible when Monday comes, but not this time as I’ve had the best weekend ever with my loved (family) ones.. Actually we did nothing special as we only went to the nearby park for a family picnic on Saturday and on Sunday we had our own barbeque at our backyard. Even the kids decided to spend the weekend at home instead of wandering off to who know where. Maybe it’s because Susan had just returned from her out off town job and they missed her and wanted to spend some time with their mum.

However, all these happiness makes me wonders and made me start to think. What if suddenly I don’t wake up in the morning and the family would have to go on without me? What would happen if I don’t get the chance to tell them how much I love them? Will they know how much I love them? Well it’s all like in this song by Ronan Keating. So from now I’m not gonna waste time and start telling my love ones how much they mean to me.

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  1. Oh no it is blocked for me but I do know the song and it's a really good one!!
    Happy MM,

  2. I like this when it came out

    Good choice Happy MM!

  3. oohhhh I love this song ... i often worry about it too but take it in stride.. there are things in life we can't control eh..

    Happy MM!

  4. Beautiful love song...Reminds me of so many things in life.


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