Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ye Yongqing - Mix Media Work

Hello all and a happy Saturday.This is a continuation of yesterday's post and am glad to say I've kept one more promise to write today. So I'll start writing now as I really have to go to the mall to get Ray and Roy (my twin children) some rab clothing as they are having a camp out tonight

This mix media work by Ye Yongqing was previously part of a set of installation mix-media works entitled “9 birdcages in winter”. “9 birdcages in winter” first made their debut at the 1st Shanghai Biennale and were considered an important milestone of Ye Yongqing’s creative processes. In them, the Chinese art critic, Li Xianting felt that Ye “has put fragments of his different temporal life experiences together on a single surface, evoking that state between dreaming and waking”.

In the 1990s back from his travels from USA and Europe, Ye started creating paintings inspired by images of daily life like bird cages, automobiles, vintage photographs and caricatures. To him these paintings filled with graffiti like scribbles, were like a blog, a record of his random thoughts and expression independent of regionalism. Yet his mix media works with the bird cage as a theme seemed to show that the artist felt restraint. The birdcage traditionally symbolizes the loss of freedom, that of the bird. A man- made device to trap and contain nature, or in this case, a free spirit.

Yong Qing’s enduring artistic endeavor is to move beyond his cultural, physical and mental confines, be they real or self imposed. As an artist, he has learned to change and adapt beyond his own boundaries and across borders.


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