Thursday, March 10, 2011

Biography Of Hamdan Omar

Hello all and again this is another post edition of “fulfill promised”. But I think this would be the last of the edition as office works have been catching up on me. And I really hate if I were to break a promise.

As for this last “fulfill promised” edition I’ve chosen a special painting title Doa (Prayer). To reminds us all how important it is to pray and the power of prayer. This painting is the work of a very famous Malaysian painter name Hamdan Omar. Now here is his biography and his famous painting. Enjoy all……

Hamdan Omar was born in Malaysia. He attended the School of Art and Design at MARA Institute of Technology currently called UITM, Malaysia. In 1977, he graduated as a Graphic Designer and joined the Malaysian advertising industry. He was very successful and won the prestigious Best of the Best of Indonesian Advertising Award in 1995. He retired from the industry in 2005 to become a full time painter. He started exhibiting his works since 2007 in group shows and in 2008 staged his first solo exhibition in Jakarta.

Doa (Prayer)


  1. A painter from Malaysia....
    Thanks for letting me know about him and his biography.

  2. What a very powerful painting :)


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