Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Cave by Marko Stout

Looking at this painting, you might have thought that it's the work of famous painters like Gustav Klimt, Georgia O’Keeffe or even Wassily Kandinsky. But actually the paintings that I'm sharing today are the work of a “live and kicking” contemporary New York City artist name Marko Stout. I‘ve decided to feature him here in my post today as he will be having an exhibition call “The Cave” which is scheduled to open in New York City in the autumn of 2011.

The painter that painted the above paintings is not just gifted and blessed with great painting talent but he also holds a degree in medicine, metaphysics and biology. Now let me introduce you to the man behind the painting. He is none other then a man name Marko Stout or better known as Dr. Stout.

After completing his education in New York City, Dr Stout spent much time living abroad in a houseboat in Sausalito and sailing the San Francisco Bay. Dr Stout paintings are abstract and seems to be forcing his paintings to be observed beyond the subject and added with his outsider “art brut” ways which eventually lead his paintings to be viewed in a rather spiritual experience of human anatomy with psychological and mythical archetypes

Dr. Marko uses vibrant colors to reveal and indicate excitement, passion, love, desire and strength in  his paintings. It is also used to stir intense and passionate emotions to his subjects, He uses black to show sexuality, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, restlessness, remorse, anger, loneliness and of course death.

Here's more of his paintings..

PS : “Boy” if only I’m so lucky and able to visit his exhibition ,


  1. Best of luck too his exhibition :)

  2. nice paintings, I think he should to well in the coming exhibition ....

  3. interesting artist, vibrant colors and very interesting abstract forms. i would love to see the exhibit!


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