Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Biography of Jack Vettriano

Hi all, now I would like to share with you guys the biography and paintings by the famous Jack Vettriano….enjoy !!!

Jack Vettriano was born in 1953, Scotland. Vettriano actually left school at 16 to become an apprentice mining engineer He later become a mining engineer and worked in the Scottish coalfields.

In his twenties he took painting as a hobby and only did his paintings in his spare time but later he quit his job and took painting as a full-time job. 1988 was the year in which he submitted two canvas painting for the Royal Scottish Academy annual show. To everyone’s surprise both paintings were sold on the very first day of the opening and that was the break-through of his career as a professional painter. Vettriano was approached by several galleries who wanted to sell his other work.

Successful exhibitions followed in London, Johannesburg, Edinburgh, Hong Kong and New York. Vettriano mostly used himself as model for all his paintings. Critics however dismissed Vettriano art work as being vulgar but he remain as one of the most commercially successful living artists in his time. Vettriano has studios in London and Scotland. In 2003 he was awarded the OBE.


  1. I love Jack Vettriano's work and have done for ages. I think it's stunning! Don't we all wish we could turn a hobby into something like this. :)

  2. content that is beautiful, I hope more load on the Indonesian painters. thanks for visiting.


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