Thursday, September 9, 2010

The brave cat

Today on my way back home from work I saw this cute white Persian cat in a car next to mine. I can see the cat clearly coz the car and mine had to stop at a traffic light The thing that astonished me most was that the cat was standing on the back seat and looking out the window as if it was sight seeing. I've seen dogs doing it but not a cat coz most cats are too afraid and even hide under the car seat.

Well that's one clever and brave kitty and I wonder if it can bark also...heheh... So today's post is dedicated to the brave warrior cat and the owner (who ever you are). But the funny thing is that I can't find any nice painting on cats , most are abstract painting which I don't think the cat will agree with, lol...

So I have chosen these paintings on animals instead. These painting are by Lee Man Fong which I think you guys are familiar with (read my other posting on Lee Man Fong)......Enjoy

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